"Waterlily" Chern'ee Sutton

"Waterlily" Chern'ee Sutton

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"Waterlily" by Chern'ee Sutton.

Printed locally on high gloss canvas.

“The waterlily has been used as a source of food for the Kalkadoon people for
thousands and thousands of years and was an important bush food with many uses. The women would wade through the freshwater lagoons, swamps and billabongs
and collect the bulbs, seed pods and roots from below the water’s surface. The
seeds could be eaten raw and have a nutty flavour and the seed pods were crushed
up and used to make damper. The stems were roasted and chewed and the bulbs
were eaten either roasted or raw and the large leaves were crushed and rubbed
over the women’s bodies to deter leeches while they were collecting bush foods.
The waterlilies were an important part of the Kalkadoon peoples diet with high
levels of protein and fibre and the flowers themselves are a sign of ecological health.”