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Janice Stanley "Pantu" (Salt Lakes)

Janice Stanley is a talented Aboriginal artist from Ernabella in the APY Lands of South Australia. She is known for her unique style of painting, Pantu (Salt Lake) - an aerial depiction of the salt lakes near her Ernabella. Unlike the traditional dot paintings, Janice's paintings use vivid colors and blends to create a striking visual effect. Her excellent taste in colour combinations and blending techniques makes her work stand out.

Janice's paintings are a reflection of her deep connection to the land and her surroundings. Her use of bold colors and intricate patterns captures the natural beauty of the salt lakes and creates a sense of movement in her artwork.

Janice Stanley is a talented artist whose work is both visually striking and emotionally evocative. Her unique style and skillful use of color and blending techniques have gained her recognition in the world of Aboriginal art. Her paintings are a celebration of the natural beauty of the APY Lands.

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  • "Women's Ceremony" Janice Stanley 142cm x 98cm
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