About AbF

At Art by Farquhar, we are host to many beautiful pieces by local Australian artists. We pride ourselves on quality art to suit any wall in your home. 

Since opening in 2020 under "Kool Koala Art", we have developed a unique range from original Australian Indigenous art and reproductions to local South Australian photography. 

We are often asked if we pay our artists, Yes we do! Each sale of their artwork incurs a royalty that is paid directly to the artist. 

Current artists on royalty agreements are the following - Dave Birch, John Nieddu, Jesse Sutton, Brooke Sutton, Chern'ee Sutton, Julieanne Turner Nungurrayi, Justinna Napaljarri Sims, Marshall Jangala Robertson, Maureen Mapijinpa Hudson, Farren Furber, Coral Hayes Pananka