"Pukara" (Umatji Tjitayi) Susan Tjitayi 144cm x 94cm

"Pukara" (Umatji Tjitayi) Susan Tjitayi 144cm x 94cm

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"Pukara" (Umatji Tjitayi)

Susan Tjitayi

144cm x 94cm

Original Indigenous Painting

Currently as a scroll. Please leave 2-3 weeks for stretching in Adelaide only. Will be sent as a scroll outside Adelaide. 

Susan was born in 1966 in Melbourne but shortly relocated back to her family’s home in Ernabella APY Lands.

Susan paints the dreaming from her father’s side which is about the "Pukara" waterhole in APY Lands near the WA border.

The waterhole was created by a father and son who became water snakes. They make the water a sweet sugary taste. The Tjitayi (pronounced ji-ta-yi) family will drink the water when they visit it. They would bring their billycans to the waterhole and fill it up full, then when they go back home they would make tea and drinks with it without having to add sugar.

No matter what time of the year the waterhole is full of water. 

The two water snakes still live at Pukara but are currently sleeping.