Julieanne Turner Nungurrayi

Indigenous Artist

Julieanne Tuma
Julieanne was born in 1974 at Mount Allen (Yuelamu), just outside of Yuendumu community. Julieanne is a Warlpiri woman and the daughter of Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa – a well respected artist. Julieanne regularly paints her stories of bush medicine, women’s ceremonies and Budgerigar dreaming (which is a native bird species found in Australia). She uses traditional Aboriginal symbols throughout her artwork. Julieannes paintings are incredible neat and her use of colours create inredible pieces. Her paintings have become very popular, and we are lucky to house her paintings.
Farren furber
We also work with Julieannes son Farren, who has been taught well by both his mother and grandmother. Farrens paintings are always a popular choice as he follows in Julieannes highly detailed works.