Unsure which piece of art to hang to on your wall? let us help you visualize it with our scaling service.

We understand it is hard to visualise how a piece of artwork will look on your wall. You may be stuck with which print will complement the space or what size will fill the room better. To help you with your choice, we are happy to scale the print on an image of your wall for you.

 Dave Birch wall art photography

If you have a piece of art from our collection in mind, please email us the name and size of the print plus a front on photo of your wall with its width dimensions. If you have multiple prints in mind or having trouble deciding which wall it will look best on, just let us know what you have envisioned and send us all appropriate photos and dimensions.

 Room scalingwall art sizing

We would be happy to recommend prints from our collections for you, please let us know what style you are looking for and we can work with you to find a print you will love!

Please note - We will try our best to make sure the print is accurately scaled, but please be aware it may not be exact.
We recommend that in order to get a better idea of size, measure out the size with paper or masking tape/painters tape and use that on your wall. This way you can step back and get a feel for how the print will fill the space and allows you to experiment with different sizes.


 Wall sizingDave Birch wall sizing

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