July 2023 Update

At our gallery on 1070 South Road, Edwardstown, we have had an ever so busy couple of months.
We have been blessed with the presence of renowned artist Janet Golder Kngwarreye & family, and have been able to source quite a few pieces of her before her eventual return to Alice Springs for the foreseeable future. 
Janet has produced some quality work, ranging from small boutique pieces to feature sizes for business walls.
Although it has already found a home, check out an amazing 2 metre by 3 metre piece she produced in house here.

Janet's daughters Katrina & Rochelle Bird have been producing some impressive works to compliment their mother's collection here. They are definitely up and coming artists to keep an eye on!
Nangala McDonald
Debra Nangala McDonald has continued to impress us with her quality of work & selection of colour. Although Debra prefers to paint larger pieces for us like above, we do have a selection of smaller pieces for those who don't have the spare walls for these! We also have a few of her Mulga Leaves (Watiya Tjuta Uwalki) who she is the custodian for the story, as handed down to by the late Mitjili Napurrula. These are very popular & with Debra being the custodian of the story we expect they will be gone sooner rather than later. 
Watiya Tjuta Uwalki by Nangala
Mother & son duo of Julieanne & Farron have been hard at work and the quality of their work never ceases to disappoint. Very intricate as always with a great blend of colour. 
We have also started collaborating with Amata (APY Lands) artist Tanya Brady, who paints her depiction of "Seven Sisters Dreaming (Kungkarangkalpa Tjukurpa)". Tanya is a well respected APY artist where her artwork features in a lot of art centres Australia wide. She uses elaborate dot patterns with a great selection of colours within her dreamings she paints. My personal favourite of Tanya's has already left us (first picture below) but we have a couple more due in soon. 
Tanya Brady Seven Sisters
Tanya Brady Seven Sisters Blue
To stay up to date with our newest artworks, visit our Original Indigenous Paintings selection and filter new to old, we update this almost daily. 
Until next time - Jed 

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