In the eyes of an artist…with Emily

I have been working at Art By Farquhar since May of 2023 after finishing my Bachelor of Arts Degree at Flinders University. I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces at our Edwardstown and Glenelg gallery and share a little bit of insight from someone who has studied art. 

"Clouds and Stars" Kianne Nakamara Williams, 90cm x 52cm

I have always loved the clouds during the day and the stars during the night. It reminded me of how big the world is and how vast space is. This piece has phthalo blue, indigo, salmon and variations of yellows and oranges. Looking closer you can see the multi-coloured dots which are precisely placed along with white glimmers. Orange and blue compliment each other as complimentary colours. This is definitely one of my favourite of Kiannes works.

"Minyma Malilu" Teresa Baker 148cm x 91cm

I had met Teresa a few times when she was painting in our gallery. I even watched this painting being created and was able to have an up and close look at the process. Which makes it extra special for me being able to watch the process. I even filmed and edited a video for our Instagram and Tiktok. I love how she decided to go with blues. There is a lot of shape language in the painting that really makes it unique. It is currently in the Stamford Hotel and I look forward to it finding the right home.

"Women's Body Painting" Debra Nangala Mcdonald, 184cm x 200cm

I have a lot to say about this painting as there are so many different elements. First thing you notice is the middle and all of the wonderful colours. This painting represents body paint used on women during ceremonies. The middle section includes goanna eggs, stomping ground and Black Berries. This painting is absolutely stunning and leaves me speechless every time I see it.

"Budgerigar Dreaming & Bush Tucker Story" Julieanne Nungurrayi Turner 95cm x 115cm

"Budgerigar Dreaming & Bush Tucker Story" is one of my favourite stories because it is about Budgies and they are very adorable animals. Julieanne’s works have a lot of detail and precise doting. I have a lot of respect for her as an artist and her amazing abilities. This one stands out to me because of the different reds and yellows. I love all the little bush tuckers and the round nesting are gorgeous!

"Minma Malilu" Clarise Tunkin 200cm x 89cm

Clarise paints with a lot of symbolic imagery which gives a deeper and cultural meaning. I love this one because of the pastel colours that were chosen which reminds me of a decorated cake. I really love the different purples and how they compliment the other cream and orange colours. You may notice there are not really any straight lines within this painting which gives it a lot of character. The dotting has been done with a lot of care and a lot of time has been put into the painting.

That is all for now, until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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