Maureen Nampajinpa Hudson

Indigenous Artist

Maureen was born in 1959 at the Mount Barkley Cattle Station (Today called Yuelamu). She then attended a school at Yuendumu and return to Mount Allan in 1960’s to be a school teachers assistant.
Maureen is an accomplished artist having painted for many exhibitions worldwide and is a respected member of her community. Her artwork represents traditional Warlpiri dreamtime stories and originate from her father and grandfathers’ country – Warlukulongu. Her ancestral dreaming often includes emu, fire and women’s ceremony dreaming stories. She incorporates her distinct colour and design into the paintings, which created beautiful representations of her dreamtime stories. She often depicts the rivers and sandhills of her country aswell as the bush tucker and medicine leaves, she would travel around collecting. She also paints the traditions of her community with women’s ceremony and women’s business.
Art by Farquhar is home to many beautiful paintings by Maureen and recently, her daughter Julianne and Grandson Farren. Maureen enjoys painting with her family and has started teaching her grandchildren how to paint.