Marshall Jangala Robertson

Indigenous Artist

Marshall Robertson

Marshall Jangala Robertson was born in 1974 in Darwin and raised in Lajamanu with his seven sisters. Attending boarding school in Alice Springs he after returned to Lajamanu for work and then moved to Yuendumu, his parents country. Marshall was born into a family of artists. His father, Jimmy Jampihinpa Robertson was a founding member of the Waniyaka Art Centre and his Mother, Denise Napangardi Tasman was also a well-known artist herself.

Marshall grew up painting with his family and listening to the Jakurrpa stories. He often paints his father and grandfathers dreamings: Water Dreaming (Ngapa Jukurrpa), Seed Dreaming (Watiya-warna Jukurrpa) and Snake Dreaming (Warna Jukurrpa). These paintings represent his land and all that inhabit it.

Marshall is married to Justinna Napaljarri Sims, another well-established artist.