July 2022 update - What we have been up to!

We have honestly had a jam packed couple of months, with many changes to our floor and walls.
In this time, we have been blessed to be able to add an abundance of local artist's work here, with an increased dedication to paintings by Bernadine Johnson Kemarre & Janet Golder Kngwarreye. We are lucky enough to have Janet paint for us whilst she is down from Alice Springs. Janet's paintings are phenomenal and we feel extremely fortunate to be able to house work by such a renowned artist.  
Janet Golder Kngwarreye
Since starting work with Bernadine Johnson Kemarre around 9 months ago, we have seen tremendous growth as an artist. Bernadine has recently produced some of the best pieces in the gallery! Working with Janet's daughter, Bernadine has adopted more of a "My Country" aerial approach to her larger works, and it's safe to say they are sensational. These works are commonly called Bush Flowers & Desert Flowers, and depict her homelands and all the nature throughout them.
Bernadine Johnson Kemarre Desert Flowers
We have also been blessed to sign Bernadine to a reproduction agreement, adding some very vibrant and exciting prints to our range. These are available in small to large sizes - and look amazing!
Bernadine Johnson Kemarre Prints
There are lots of changes that have happened throughout the gallery. We have a new sliding gallery to the front righthand side when you walk in. This allows us to display much more paintings with an increase of wall space. 
Art by Farquhar Sliding Gallery
If you haven't been in for a while, I recommend you drop on in. It is completely different and the quality of artwork on our walls has gone through the roof. 
We have transitioned majority of the gallery's stock to indigenous artwork, whether it is originals or reproductions. We have two rooms dedicated to paintings, with prints scattered through the middle and on the front desk of the gallery. 
While we do have a lot of local photography and acrylic stocked online, majority of it will be kept offsite. If this is what you are interested in viewing, feel free to contact us prior to visiting and we can have stock on site so you can view in person. Our storage facility is only around the corner. 

Jed Farquhar

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  • Hi Jed,
    I was hoping to get a commissioned piece by Bernadine in bush flowers. Is this possible? I need a 120cm x 80cm to fit a space.
    Thanks – Sarah!


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