What is the difference between Acrylic, Matte PVC and Gloss Canvas?

At Art by Farquhar, we are proud to provide you with a unique range of artwork. All our formats are new to the Adelaide art market, are high quality and produce fantastic prints.

Firstly, the 5mm High Gloss AcrylicOffering the ultimate in high gloss print production. The latest in print technology is combined with multiple anti u.v. layer combinations on a 5mm acrylic base. The "Ultimate" is a premium quality high gloss print backed with a unique and strengthening solid aluminium frame. Bevelled edges create a deeper, clearer & brighter image. This finish gives a great depth to the image with a life like effect.  While the product looks like glass, the acrylic makes it very lightweight and easy to hang.  
To avoid weather damage we recommend that these be hung indoors only. For cleaning, simply use a microfiber towel and minimal water. Avoid any harsh chemicals or rough surfaces so you do not scratch the acrylic.  



Some of our products are also available in Matte PVC. A unique finish laid on a solid 16mm MDF base. Incredibly durable and often recognized as "Canvas on Steroids", this wrapped alternative to gloss printing offers a cost effective, non-reflective print especially suited to walls subject to high reflection.


Lastly, our Premium Gloss canvas (mostly sold in-store). This is our newest addition to the product range. Locally printed and stretched, this canvas is different to the usual matte canvas which flood the market. Instead, Gloss canvas has a slight sheen to it which allows it to produce fantastic colour images. People are amazed when they compared reproductions on gloss canvas to the originals themselves. A fantastic option if you are wanting something in between the Acrylic and Matte PVC products.  



For any questions about our products please email us at sales@artbyfarquhar.com.au or come in the gallery and see the different formats for yourself.

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