Why you should take a longer look at our Metal Collection


Our 3D metal art is a unique collection. These pieces are hand crafted resulting in exciting pieces for your home. We offer a variety of art forms within this collection. Whilst this art form is best viewed in person, we would like to give you a taste of its distinctive style and variety. 

Firstly our wall art, 3D Metal on Metal and Metal on Wood. You will find yourself intrigued when you stop and study these artworks and their creative flair. Produced through laser cutting and manually bent into shapes, they are then painted to bring them to life. Their earthy, warm tones are perfect for industrial and rustic style homes. The designs will suit a broad spectrum of settings, from a busy winery to an home outdoor deck. 

Then we have Metal on Wood. A great contrast between materials that work to compliment each other. Looking equally at home in a coastal beach house or a bohemian style home. 

Secondly, we have our sculpture collection. An accessory that allows you to easily add an interesting piece to the room. A sculpture can add a wonderful eye catching piece to a shelf or a table or just stand alone to complete your decor. 

Lastly, our metal wall hangings, simple yet effective. An exciting way to decorate your room, these are lightweight and easy to hang. Effortless art in all sense. 

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